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Birthday incoming

Rusty the evil chicken who isn't even laying has stopped trying to kill the new chickens so they can stay together at night (possibly just because it's so cold she's willing to tolerate them for cuddling purposes). I'm also living my long-held dream of having a cat that physically can't bite me, but he really couldn't bite me even before we paid so much money to pry the rotting teeth out. The cat that does bite me all the time still has every last tooth in her vicious little mouth. (She is also still pudding but she's floppier pudding than before, between going missing for several days at a time during the warm periods and the cold now. I should make a video of her running. It's a thing to behold.)

Also I have been collecting so many adorable probably-lead-covered tiny pokemon figures. Still don't have even half of all pokemon there are, of course. (I'm not sure if probably-lead-covered bootlegs even encompass a full set of pokemon.)

I have plans for things, too, but not going to actually go ahead on them until I've finished all the current things. Definitely aiming to update something or two before January, the better for people to target it.


I picked one up and the internet told the truth, they don't bite at all!

It was surprisingly good at pretending it was going to bite and even feinted at me once, but when I poked a glove into its razor teeth it just stared at me. It felt sort of like a ferret.

I hope it keeps coming back, it's so cute. Also, I'm hoping it'll discourage raccoons slightly. The big chicken, Blacky, woke up during this and ended up walking by it while it cowered, so I'm pretty certain they have nothing to worry about from it.


I couldn't find any date on it, but after some discussion, we narrowed down the tapioca pudding to between one and two decades old.

It's a good thing I'm not a parent or I'd probably feel bad about feeding this to kids.

I have a pet mouse!

Thank you, Zozo, for your continued inability to realize that making proud kitty sounds causes me to appear.

I was planning to dump it somewhere far away but it's really feisty and I'm thinking maybe keep it and experiment to resolve the issue of if infected mice are oblivious to cat smells or attracted to them, because every time I google I just get a wave of conflicting information. But it'll probably bite me if I keep it because it's super cute. But it's super cute!


There was the most adorable baby opossum stealing chicken food, and it just would not leave. The chicklets were out of their minds with fear, which I guess is a good sign that they'll avoid actual dangers when it comes up, and the baby wasn't much better. I kept trying to push it out with a stick toward the chicken cage door but it was too scared of me. Ended up putting a box in, then I got the stick completely under it and tipped it in, but it grabbed the wire of the chicken cage with its adorable tail and just hung for a while until I pried it loose.

I think next time I'm going to risk whatever it is you get from opossum bites. It showed off its very, very sharp teeth but never tried biting, and while I try to be gentle the stick method involves a lot of shoving and poking. (I think you can just pick them up by the tail but that sounds even crueler.)

Afterward the chicklets (who had run out and then all over the basement) wouldn't go back in their house and wanted to cower in the far corner, so I had to shove them all in one by one and keep shoving as they tried to flee. I'm actually impressed by their ability to remember events more than a minute or two in the past, but it's still annoying and they'd better learn to go into the house on their own soon.


The newest egg incubation was pretty objectively a disaster, starting from not finding the incubator for two days to having way too much humidity to finding out that apparently the eggs weren't stored in cold enough temperatures those two days because guess who started popping out of their eggs mere hours after the incubator stopped rotating, and it turned out three of five babies had been spun to the point their holes were made on the bottom side, which may have had something to do with how two of them insisted on breaking off the very top of the shell and trying to crawl out the hole to my terror so also to my terror I helped one out, and also I kept opening the incubator to remove the egg shells because something bad happened last hatching and we never figured out exactly what so better safe than sorry.

And yet - they were all fine! Just a lot wetter than usual. I didn't even have my usual constant nightmares during the incubation period - thank you, needy super-punctual yapdog and also thank you nervous stupidface cat who took three days to figure out we'd given the dog back during which we worried you were dead.

I bought "easter eggers" because I wanted Americauna for the slightly less than completely wild animalness and ebay people will call any blue-layer that anyway so why fuss, but they're actually full-on mongrel easter eggers who all have a distinct look and that look is adorable. One has feather feets!

They're another blonde, a dark stripey, light stripey, gray feather-feets, and another blacky. Initially, I thought they lacked the cute chipmonk cheeks, but it seems like that was just because they were insufficiently fluffed.

Optimism and a probably unscientific method likely based on sexism declares they are future hens. Failing that, apparently there's a collar to prevent roosters from crowing. Given the current hens spent this morning crowing for ten minutes, may be getting that for a test drive anyway.

Lizard update

So I think I've figured out what's up with the lizard. I put him outside and he went through his usual routine:

Refuse to move
Refuse to move
Sprint two feet.
Eat the greens he's standing in.

He then proceeded to sprint over the brick wall and across the patio to get under the porch. As I write this, he has just climbed the wall yet again. He has successfully made it under the porch once and I had to drag him out with the leash, so it looks like this time he's going to gape at me a bit before going under again, to make things clear. And now he's going under again.

The Lizard

I like the date, so here's the story of the lizard.

We have the lizard again.

The lizard has previously escaped twice, the first time being found by a friendly downhill neighbor and the second time he reappeared the next morning on top of the harness he wriggled out of, just to fuck with us. Both times were on my brother's watch and generally assumed to be in part the consequence of him wandering off and not telling me the lizard was lost for a couple hours.

All the many, many times the lizard ran off on my watch were failed escapes, as a few minutes or hours of crawling around eventually led me to him, so I figured it wouldn't be an issue.

Unfortunately, I went to fuss with the water, which had been turned off, and in the process of turning it on, one of the open hoses was turned on, and it was where the lizard was sitting, and he does not like suddenly being blasted with water, or so we assume because he was no longer there when I looked back.

Many hours of searching later, we accepted he was gone for the day. After the past two escapes, I wasn't worried because evidently none of the wild animals want to eat him. I put helpful flyers in all the downhill neighbors' mailboxes explaining we had lost him and he was completely harmless.

That morning, our doorbell is rung. Someone was driving by and saw him two houses up the hill, because he's a fucking asshole like that. The across the street neighbors immediately volunteered that they had no idea what he was so they figured it was ours.

"You have lost outdoor privileges," I told him once again as I put him in his cage. But then the next day he kept scratching at the glass, so I took him outside again and he ate some crickets and spiders.



Ch11 on AOOOOOO and FFN.

I have thus posted on a Homestuck day and also posted something this month. Yay!





Subject: Story for your community

Dear Farla,
I was looking around at the communities list and found yours "Farla's Collection of
Decent Pokemon Stories". I would like to submit my story for you and your staff to
review for your communtity. Its called Rosas new perspective and please find the link
below. It is a work in progress but I have received good reviews for it and would like to
hear your opinions on it

Rosa's new perspective tells the story about how psychic pokemon have taken over unova
and now treat their former trainers as children. Rosa, (my main character and main
character from black and white 2) manages to hide for a while until she is caught and is
adopted by a new pokemon couple. How can she fight back? Will she want to fight back?

Hope to hear back from you soon and thanks for your time
Kenitoh Menara


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