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Lizard update

So I think I've figured out what's up with the lizard. I put him outside and he went through his usual routine:

Refuse to move
Refuse to move
Sprint two feet.
Eat the greens he's standing in.

He then proceeded to sprint over the brick wall and across the patio to get under the porch. As I write this, he has just climbed the wall yet again. He has successfully made it under the porch once and I had to drag him out with the leash, so it looks like this time he's going to gape at me a bit before going under again, to make things clear. And now he's going under again.

The Lizard

I like the date, so here's the story of the lizard.

We have the lizard again.

The lizard has previously escaped twice, the first time being found by a friendly downhill neighbor and the second time he reappeared the next morning on top of the harness he wriggled out of, just to fuck with us. Both times were on my brother's watch and generally assumed to be in part the consequence of him wandering off and not telling me the lizard was lost for a couple hours.

All the many, many times the lizard ran off on my watch were failed escapes, as a few minutes or hours of crawling around eventually led me to him, so I figured it wouldn't be an issue.

Unfortunately, I went to fuss with the water, which had been turned off, and in the process of turning it on, one of the open hoses was turned on, and it was where the lizard was sitting, and he does not like suddenly being blasted with water, or so we assume because he was no longer there when I looked back.

Many hours of searching later, we accepted he was gone for the day. After the past two escapes, I wasn't worried because evidently none of the wild animals want to eat him. I put helpful flyers in all the downhill neighbors' mailboxes explaining we had lost him and he was completely harmless.

That morning, our doorbell is rung. Someone was driving by and saw him two houses up the hill, because he's a fucking asshole like that. The across the street neighbors immediately volunteered that they had no idea what he was so they figured it was ours.

"You have lost outdoor privileges," I told him once again as I put him in his cage. But then the next day he kept scratching at the glass, so I took him outside again and he ate some crickets and spiders.



Ch11 on AOOOOOO and FFN.

I have thus posted on a Homestuck day and also posted something this month. Yay!





Subject: Story for your community

Dear Farla,
I was looking around at the communities list and found yours "Farla's Collection of
Decent Pokemon Stories". I would like to submit my story for you and your staff to
review for your communtity. Its called Rosas new perspective and please find the link
below. It is a work in progress but I have received good reviews for it and would like to
hear your opinions on it

Rosa's new perspective tells the story about how psychic pokemon have taken over unova
and now treat their former trainers as children. Rosa, (my main character and main
character from black and white 2) manages to hide for a while until she is caught and is
adopted by a new pokemon couple. How can she fight back? Will she want to fight back?

Hope to hear back from you soon and thanks for your time
Kenitoh Menara


Amnesia Ch2

Ch2 is up on FFN and AOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. As usual, I'd like to take a moment to thank AOOOOOOO for letting me use extra html, then remind it I also hate it for the fact hitting preview inserts extra formatting that always, always, always fucks with whatever I'm doing. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea.

My current goal is to try to post something every month. Not necessarily this, just something.

May. 7th, 2014

A new review has been posted to your story.

Story: Who are you?
Chapter: 1. Default Chapter

From: AlithiaSigma ( )

The idea is interesting, but not very novel, as I think I've seen a few things like it


Who are you? Published: May 1, 2001

I would say this is amazing but AlithiaSigma's campaign of working their way through every AOOOO comment I left and the occasional story has been a steady build of date-ignoring madness that leaves me nodding and thinking yes, of course.

Hell, Day 6

* ice wtf
* stop shooting your signs
* why does the pavement just stop why would you do that

Hell, Day 4

* Water does exist! to lure you to where the rocks will fall and kill you.
* "Frybread".
* Fruit is covered in invisible thorns.

Hell, Day 3

* GPS possessed by malicious spirits.
* Rock is red with bloodlust, looms ready to kill.
* The only tame wild animals can kick me to death.

Hell, Day 2

* Squirrels have horns.
* Instead of rivers, spaces where water should be.
* Land is eternal and unchanging. Not even death allows escape.

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