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Over my grandmother's house. She's temporarily deaf, so all communication is being done Lassie-style. Also, she's really bad at it. "Eggs or pancakes?" "EGGS!" "Speak up!" "EGGS!!!" "Hash?" *cup hands like holding an egg* "What?" *pretend to be chicken* "You want chicken?" She wanted me to look at the cat and it took about five minutes to get across that my only guess is somehow he had a bottle of glue poured over him and to just shave him already.

You might think it'd make sense to just use writing, but the maternal side of my family ranges from "not really into reading" to "won't admit dyslexia".


This year's fun facts so far:

Snow is endlessly beautiful. This is good because also it appears snow will never, ever leave us.

Still not 100% convinced that opossums kill chickens, but they can definitely devour the skull of one. Continue to be sweetie nonbiters to me and the biggest problem was getting it back out of the cat carrier in its new home of Not Near My Chickens, Sorry.

It seems chickens do have some concept of death, because the remaining three are traumatized enough that every night they have to be removed from the ladder and manually shoved in their house, then locked before one of them can get back to the ladder.


This was the worst week so far of the year and hopefully nothing will challenge it for the title, but now I'm in bed covered with blankets and the actual painful bits are done with so all's well. Plus I did all the cooking so haha everyone else, you're getting sick next.

The babbychikkens decided it would be really funny if they started laying when we couldn't get to their egg box to check, so that's a dozen wasted eggs right there. They'll enjoy eating them, at least.


2014 was pretty busy/chaotic, but I feel ended well. We spent Thanksgiving down in another state with strangers because we're trying to get my uncle hitched so he'll be partly their problem. Thank you, gay marriage! Then we had two more Thanksgivings, one because my father wanted one that wasn't with strangers and then another now because my uncle couldn't be there, meaning I've had three more turkeys than anyone ever needs in a year. But it meant I learned how to cook turkey, which is a useful skill for the one day a year anyone normally needs to interact with turkey.

Pudding cat is finally getting friendly. I think I reset her hatred scales a while back when I was jamming a pencil in her ear for two weeks (it was for her own good) so now she's willing to let me pet her without inevitably snarling and trying to shred my hand. She's hanging out with me now.

Also, the internet just keeps getting better. Informative youtube videos! There's one on how to make a silicone mold (and you can buy the various supplies online too!) and I plan to make copies of these tiny monster toys I had when I was a baby to use as D&D miniatures for kids, because apparently they're too awesome for the company to bother making anymore and I don't want mine destroyed by things that are, let's face it, basically talking dogs with opposable thumbs.

I really hope we don't all die because there's so much great stuff out there.


You know, I really do feel optimistic.

It's been very warm. When I was young there was a blizzard every year for my birthday. The new weather is apparently fog - it's terribly pretty in its own way, I think. Years back the climate model for this area was supposed to actually get a bit cooler due to extra water, and we had cold springs, but I think the warming half of global warming has outpaced the predictions, so now it's warm and rainy even in winter.

And there's all the horrible things in the news, too.

But maybe this is the only way forward. Maybe things have to come to a boil and better sooner than later.
Posted to FFN and AOOOOOOOOO, and I hope you all had a good Generic Winter Feast Yay Sun Day!

I've found the bit of Inheritors in my notebook I didn't want to rewrite, so hopefully posting that and or something else, then aiming to post Ch4 of this to kick off January. We'll see.

Also, beginning to post the Dresden Files snippets from Dragon Quill. Looking it over, I think there'll be six more updates.

Birthday incoming

Rusty the evil chicken who isn't even laying has stopped trying to kill the new chickens so they can stay together at night (possibly just because it's so cold she's willing to tolerate them for cuddling purposes). I'm also living my long-held dream of having a cat that physically can't bite me, but he really couldn't bite me even before we paid so much money to pry the rotting teeth out. The cat that does bite me all the time still has every last tooth in her vicious little mouth. (She is also still pudding but she's floppier pudding than before, between going missing for several days at a time during the warm periods and the cold now. I should make a video of her running. It's a thing to behold.)

Also I have been collecting so many adorable probably-lead-covered tiny pokemon figures. Still don't have even half of all pokemon there are, of course. (I'm not sure if probably-lead-covered bootlegs even encompass a full set of pokemon.)

I have plans for things, too, but not going to actually go ahead on them until I've finished all the current things. Definitely aiming to update something or two before January, the better for people to target it.


I picked one up and the internet told the truth, they don't bite at all!

It was surprisingly good at pretending it was going to bite and even feinted at me once, but when I poked a glove into its razor teeth it just stared at me. It felt sort of like a ferret.

I hope it keeps coming back, it's so cute. Also, I'm hoping it'll discourage raccoons slightly. The big chicken, Blacky, woke up during this and ended up walking by it while it cowered, so I'm pretty certain they have nothing to worry about from it.


I couldn't find any date on it, but after some discussion, we narrowed down the tapioca pudding to between one and two decades old.

It's a good thing I'm not a parent or I'd probably feel bad about feeding this to kids.

I have a pet mouse!

Thank you, Zozo, for your continued inability to realize that making proud kitty sounds causes me to appear.

I was planning to dump it somewhere far away but it's really feisty and I'm thinking maybe keep it and experiment to resolve the issue of if infected mice are oblivious to cat smells or attracted to them, because every time I google I just get a wave of conflicting information. But it'll probably bite me if I keep it because it's super cute. But it's super cute!

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