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Hell, Day 2

* Squirrels have horns.
* Instead of rivers, spaces where water should be.
* Land is eternal and unchanging. Not even death allows escape.

Hell, Day 1

* Lizards!!!
* Currently not on fire. Seems this may change soon.
* Only radio is Christians trying to save our souls.

Apr. 21st, 2014

Hell is very pleasant, at least at night. Day remains to be seen.


For the past few months, there's been a mouse under the stove. I couldn't actually see it, but I'd come by and see one of the cats settled down for a good stare, and when Stupidcat walked by he'd sniff and get all confused. At first I was really upset because I assumed the cats would get it, and when they didn't I was wondering if it was okay, since the cats seemed to do it at night when I'd expect the mouse to be about getting food and water, but I figured it must be sneaking out at some point. The cat food isn't too far from there and Stupidcat is a messy eater, so there's no lack of mouse chow.

Finally, last night Zo-zo started making her weird muffled cry. Such great timing! She has still not figured out that if she starts doing her victory meows I come and take the prize away. So I ran down and got something on top of it, then found the fishtank we'd emptied and managed to move it by the spider method. I think it's a girl and it's so tiny and so cute. It was also absolutely terrified of me. I had to tip it into the tissuepaper I gave it for cover and it barely nibbled the food I put in. Mostly, it just held perfectly still, for hours on end. I guess that's the behavior you need to survive so long around cats.

Its behavior pretty much confirms my original guess, that it's a toxoplasmosis-infected mouse. It's extremely odd for a mouse to stick around here, especially under the stove of all places rather than a far corner of the basement or under the floor. This clearly was not a brave mouse and yet it would not leave a place that smelled of cat. And that means if I put it outside, it'd just try to come back in.

So, I released it the next town over near some forest with some nice rocks for cover. Hopefully there won't be any cats for it to be attracted to.

^_^ To Hell!

Plans are finalized, tickets actually bought. We're going to go see the Grand Canyon and experience the hellstate of Arizona for vacation!

I also yanked a tooth out of Stupidcat, which is nearly as awesome in its own way.

(I wonder if he'll miss us or not even realize we're gone?)


FFN and AOOOOOOOOOOOOO which contains something extra. The hardest decision was picking Amnesia or Palimpsest as the title.

This is very satisfying to write because it's like a checklist of everything annoying me when I reviewed. See how much hidden bitterness you can spot!


It's technically warm enough to open windows, so I've done that and the new cat just crashthumped his way up onto the windowsill and I'm so proud of him because he's possibly brain damaged and can't jump right but he really wanted to be up there and he did it. And now he's down again without falling. The concentration on his face!

He is so amazingly stupid and so much trouble but he is smart enough to know he needs to be adorable. So adorable. Such a good footwarmer.

Hoppity hop

But in other news, I'm really having fun with my new story and I'm a few thousand words in. I'm planning to post the first chapter April 1st because that's month 4 and the year is 14. That should give me time to hammer out a lot of the details. It's about a trainer called Miki who finds an injured pokemon she names Hoppity, and currently serves to remind me why even when fire and brimstone are raining down OT stories go along the badge quest route, it really does give you such a nice and easy outline. I'm not even sure where on the map the story starts. I know of two locations they need to go to, a third they're avoiding, and that's it. There's plenty of stuff I want to include, but it's not in any particular order.

Currently, I'm pondering how to reconcile the pokedex saying dratini were only recently discovered with Clair and Dragon's Den and all that.

I was asked if I'd fought with the sporker before, how I'd found out, and what the precisely the sexism complaints were over. Luckily I had all the pages saved and could actually answer the last one.

The result of it? A post and a PM.

So, as I am sure everybody is aware by now, there was a pretty big wank that occurred over a spork. The author of the fic in question came to the community and began to raise a fuss. I was pleased to receive multiple PMs about it, because that’s what helps keep the community in check—you guys all help pitch in and keep an eye on the posts and comments and immediately inform a mod when something bad starts to happen.

But not all of you did that. Some of you ignored the community rules and decided it would be better to just jump right in and start arguing—and they weren’t thought-out arguments, either. Sometimes, it seemed like people were jumping on the author simply on the basis that she was the author of the sporked fic and so had to be wrong. Basically, nobody in this mess came out looking good. Pretty much anyone who got involved was an asshat—EVERYONE. I am not happy with the way things turned out. You all behaved shamefully. I thank everyone who merely messaged me and stayed out of it, but this is not how we behave. We do not act like this. When things like this start up, you are always supposed to come to the mods; you do not just dive in like that and let it turn into a massive shitstorm.

While I get the PM:

Thank you very much for the extensive information. I’ve forwarded it to the rest of the moderators, and we have reached a consensus on how to proceed.

I would like to extend my most sincere apologies for the dog-piling you received, along with some of the nastier comments directed at you; the comm knows better than to do that, and believe me when I say I am very disappointed in their behavior. At least one official warning has been issued by Ket Makura. The comm recently opened up at the first of the year, and we had a very sudden explosion of new members and commenters, and as a result, it’s been somewhat chaotic. We’ve been waiting for the sporkers to get their free-for-all out of their systems before we restored order again, and this unfortunate situation has forced our hands.

As for the spork itself, I have requested the sporker cease the riffing simply because the spork is not up to standards. Said sporker normally produces quality material, but this one was not one of them. Sporkers may only take on fics if they provide thought-out arguments against the material, and it was agreed that she simply wasn’t doing that.

However, your own behavior was not necessarily the best, either. You engaged in several pointless comment wars with the members instead of bringing it to the moderators, and became angry when a moderator stepped in and ended a conversation that was going nowhere. Ket was not silencing you; she was putting a stop to unsavory behavior from everyone involved. That was more for your benefit than anybody else’s; she put a stop to it so everybody would stop attacking each other, and froze the thread until all of the mods could see what was going on and decide how to proceed. Also, you leveled a rather hypocritical accusation towards the comm as a whole—I do not find you telling us that we are wrong for hiding in our community and saying all of these things about stories behind the authors’ backs instead of to their faces amusing at all. You are a sporker. Unless you are personally telling Suzanne Collins and Stephenie Meyer and Margaret Stohl and Veronica Roth what you think of their works to THEIR faces, you are guilty of the exact same thing you are trying to lambast my sporkers for, to say nothing of your offensive and tasteless comments regarding Sith Droideka’s religious and political leanings behind his back on your personal journal.

In conclusion, I am very, very sorry this happened, and I am sorry on behalf of the entire comm, but nobody here behaved in an appropriate fashion. However, you have my guarantee that we are all going to do our best to ensure that these incidents are kept to a minimum.

Das Mervin and Co.

So in conclusion, the problem is authors commenting on the sporks. But it's okay, they're really just protecting me from the mean people and I should have come to them immediately. You can tell by how very concerned the mod was that I needed to shut up and stop picking a fight and how very concerned they are now that everyone remember an author is a troll and you should report to a mod rather than respond ever. Presumably deleting everything that happened while saying it was a huge fight where everyone looked like an asshat is also done because they really, really want to protect me. And Act, I guess, since she's me again.

As you can see in the comments on the linked post, everything has been resolved in a happy and satisfactory way!

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