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Weird mouse

There's a two frame glass door on the front of the house. When I came home last night I found a mouse sitting on the bar in the middle. Like any reasonable person, I immediately caught it. (It seemed strangely tired.) I stuck it in an empty breadcrumb container, gave it a cherry tomato for food and water, put plastic wrap over the top, and poked some holes in for air flow, planning to take it out tomorrow somewhere far away from the cats.

It starts jumping around a lot, which gets the hunter-cat interested, so I put it in another room and close the door. That seems sufficient to get her to forget it exists.

Later, when I'm trying to sleep, my cat is going crazy. She keeps coming in and meowing really loudly, which always means either "something's really wrong waaah" or "hey I killed a thing hey hey look I killed a thing" so I have to wake up and check every time. I finally fall asleep only to be woken up by "DEFINITELY KILLED A THING YES" from her. She drops a mouse on the floor. It seems dead but I'm pretty tired at this point and not really on the ball with finding a container. It suddenly gets up and skitters away, and the cat keeps catching it, dropping it, and losing it as it runs again. Finally it goes under my bed and my cat comes back out without it.

I sit up for a while longer waiting for the cat to make another attempt which she doesn't. She just rolls around purring like an idiot. Finally I start looking and I find it burrowed into a blanket I kicked off the bed. I get it into a container, find a tall plastic thing to transfer it into, put the plastic wrap on, and go to put it up with the other mouse.

Of course, it is the other mouse, the stupid little asshole having held onto the lip of the first container long enough to chew through the plastic and get out, so I have to go get a real lid and stab holes in that.

Anyway the mouse didn't escape that and didn't die over the night - it's in surprisingly good shape for a mouse that got caught so many times! On the other hand, that means the annoying stove mouse is still there, ready to be caught another night at whatever hour the cat knows is least convenient.