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Older again!

Much like Livejournal...had to just go through and purge the pages upon pages upon pages of obvious porn spam.

So, I've since added slightly more writing.

I wrote Sinister for maybe the last Ladystuck or maybe the game will electrocute the fandom back into short-lived spasms of activity. Also, I should probably crosspost the rest of my non-pesterlog to FFN.

Watching Him Sleep on AOOOOOO and FFN features Pearl handling Rose being dead and a baby super great!

Pear and Pearl and Pearl on AOOOOOOOO and FFN is about Pearl hanging out with other pearls in the days of glorious revolution. Honestly, like 10% was just straight up disdain for how fandom always gives them color names to distinguish themselves instead of wallowing in how fucking creepy it is. Pearl isn't White Pearl. She's just a pearl, and if she breaks you get a new one and you call that Pearl and if that one breaks you get a new one and you call it Pearl and if somebody asks where Pearl is you shrug and you point at the one standing next to you because she's right there idiot why are you asking and I should write more fic.

Finally, Image of God updated on AO and FFN to introduce the third main side character. I've since written more so expect future updates sometime before the sun burns out.

Further comment on the year so far will come on Dec 31st 11:59 because I'm sure a cat can develop something new and expensive in that timeframe.

Also I really want a pug. It could play with the Bengal cat so he'd stop playing with the other cats who hate the concept of play and fun. He's super gentle and doesn't hurt much when he wrestles, it's just wrestle-tag is really, really boring and I'm sick of playing it and getting woken up at two AM because Zo-cat is screaming about how she's sick of playing it and it's too cold to just throw him out.