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Meaningless Exercises

Please please please refer to the dead ... we have

Hi. I'm twenty-some years old and write stories on the infamous Fanfiction.Net and controversial Archive of Our Own.

I have a pretty laissez faire approach to Lj. Friend if you want, defriend if you want. The vast majority of my journal is unlocked and the remainder is unfiltered flock for stuff I don't want picked up by a search engine or something. The commenting policy is I'll argue with you if you say something I disagree with. The same goes for reviewing, minus the bothering with arguing in most cases.

My book and fanfic reviews can be found over on Dragon Quill. There's an ljfeed if you want it.

Also, I currently have a community: mspa_updates It's what it says on the tin.
alternatives, analysis, angel's egg, animal behavior, animal intelligence, animal rights, animals, anime, anti-kkk, are your interests lj-approved?, arguing with idiots, azula, babylonian documents, behavioral child psychology, biology, black queen, blackarachnia, boogiepop, boogiepop phantom, books, canon, carapace hatelust, carapace people, carapaces, cardcaptor sakura, cats, characters, china mieville, climate change, cocoons, concrit, cooking, cthulhu, deception, devil may cry, diamonds droog, digimon tamers, disproving gods, distopias, doing the damn math, encouraging illegal activity, environments, exhaustive analysis, fairy tales, family grapevine, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fiction, fictional societies, final fantasy, free speech, freedom of speech, fucking with gender roles, gardening, gary stus, genocide, global warming, goldfish, having_interests_i_don't_advocate, homestuck, house of leaves, inconspicuous consumption, indo-aryan languages, information, insanity, intelligence, inversions, jack noir, kagerou, kingdom hearts, language, lovecraft, magic, manga, mary sues, meta, midnight crew, monster rancher, ms paint adventures, mspa, mythology, myths, nanowrimo, narusasu/sasunaruisthesamefuckingpairing, national review writing month, nonhuman intelligence, nonhumans, not supporting witch-hunts, novelty, now&then here&there, ocs, original characters, original fiction, original trainers, parodies, pedagogues, peregrine mendicant, plants, pokemon, pokemon behavior, pokemon fanfiction, pokemon trainers, pokemon training, pokémon, psychology, ragdoll cats, reading, realism, reality, religion, reviewing, rose lalonde, sabriel, satire, science, science fiction, short stories, shoujo ai, shounen ai, snowman, sociology, sociopaths, spades slick, steampunk, stephen colbert, stories, story twists, subcultures, superstitions, surealism, technology, the felt, tvtropes, underused pokemon, video games, vriska serket, watchmen, wayward vagabond, what pumpkin, white rain manga, witch-hunts, worldbuilding, writing, xkcd, yume nikki, zombies